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2016-08-28 10:40 pm

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2017-07-25 10:11 pm

Muse List

Muse List

» sings-of-death «
Drakenguard 3

» broken-song «
Drakenguard 3

Re-L Mayer
» proxied-truth «
Ergo Proxy

Seras Victoria
» ihaveaname «

Hellsing Ultimate

» savethetalk «
Last Story

Chandra Naalar
» torchofdefiance «
Magic: The Gathering

Shion Karanomori
» smoking-analyst «

Psycho Pass

Hokuto Sumeragi
» actuates «
Tokyo Babylon/X

Potential Muses

Rider | Medusa
» No Journal «
Fate Series

Kimizuka Osamu
» not-so-secret «


Yayoi Kunizuka
» No Journal «

Psycho Pass

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2016-08-28 07:41 pm
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Open Communication/Critique Post

If there is something that you like to talk to me about, or if there is any critique you like to provide for me, please feel free to use this post. I will allow for anonymous comments, and all comments will be screened unless otherwise requested/specified. With that said, please abide by basic etiquette and refrain from derogatory remarks and personal attacks. Those that fail to follow this will simply be deleted and ignored.
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2016-08-28 07:21 pm
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Contact Information

If you like to get in contact with me I can be reached the following ways.

Plurk: [ profile] nil_nullity
Private Message through this journal.

If you would like for me to be able to contact you please feel free to comment below. All comments will be screened.